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Enough is enough. Apparently, the  image community has expressed great disappointment of image over lackdaisical support of Java technology starting from Java 5, and even more so with their hope and dream lost over total lack of Java6 support in Leopard, Apple’s latest MacOSX (Am I surprise consider that image  and  image  outrun a image anytime, anywhere (yeah, yeah, not only the penguin look very cute, it also look very delicious ! Just look at the tongue stickout of errr… leopard !). Backslash from the two popular Java sites produce two mind-boggling articles,  Apple ships Leopard without Java 6 and

So Long Apple. The Party’s Over.

It is even been rumoured that poor Java support is intentional to give way for Apple’s own development technology like Cocoa and Carbon using Objective-C, a core language that has received the coveted garbage collection feature in Leopard. Garbage collection used to be popularly associated with Java, and not C-offspring. Therefore, it’s hard not to see such a turn of event will result in conspiracy theory against the Java community.


Having been so upset and personal about this whole affair that Michael Urban, a Java Developer who used to adore Apple, wrote the article So Long Apple. The Party’s Over, voicing the following:

What party do I mean? I mean the free ride that I as a Java developer have been giving Apple for way too long now. And as we have remained loyal to Apple, Apple has basically spit in our face. Not only did Leopard not ship with Java 6, but Apple, in typical fashion, apparently thinks it has no obligation to its customers to inform them about why the plans changed, and when (or even if at this point?) Apple will ever have a working copy of Java 6. Apparently, Apple has even been just deleting threads in their forums where people are complaining that Java 6 doesn’t exist, rather than actually respond to them and let them know if there is any kind of time line for Java 6. But wait… It gets worse…

Java 5 on Leopard is so broken, that some of it is flat out unusable.

As most know by now, Apple has yanked the Java 6 developer previews. No sign or trace of them left on the ADC site. Apple gave no indication as to why it yanked them, if and when there would be new ones, etc. So effectively, we are currently left with Leopard having NO fully working version of Java available for it. You can’t get Java 6, and Java 5 is so broken that parts of it are flat out unusable on Leopard. As a Java developer, this is a situation I obviously cannot live with.

Sorry Steve Jobs, but since you’ve got no time for your customers, and you’ve got no time to explain to them why plans changed, and when or even if the situation will be remedied, I’ve got no time for your products anymore.

So long Apple. The party’s over. 

No Java, No Deal, No Steve Jobimage

image Some are so disgusted over Apple’s empty promises of supporting Java in the latest OS that they readily to trade the ‘It Just Works’ OS to something that ‘may or may not work’. Ironically having been a strong supporter of Java in the past (Remember java-based WebObjects ?) ,  the ‘It Just Works’ philosophy of Apple no longer applies to Java, and many claim that in term of Java, ‘It just sucks’.

Anyway, image doesn’t seem concern because he doesn’t use image though he love eating image . Still GeekyCoder is in fact very concern because Mac seem simply irresistible and may want to port his system to the Mac someday, somewhere.

Resistance is futile

imageAmong those Java developers that get piss off is the nerdy chap on the left (By the way, some might think that GeekyCoder might be senile to put some anonymous joker photo here. But rest assured that GeekyCoder is not senile and still have a sense of proportion. Wink)





Why aren’t you supporting my baby image ?


That’s a very personal and emotional question James Gosling (Left) , father of Java, ask Apple.

Apparently, the father of Java, appear to be the most unhappy and vocal over the years that Apple has been mis-treating his baby just like any parent will against bad apple.



It used to be said that:

An image a day keep the image away.

Look like the world has changed, and that no longer applies particularly to the Java lover that love image.


Gosling express his unhappiness in his blog:

As several people have noticed at my talks over the past few months, I no longer carry a Mac laptop. As much as I love the Mac’s eye candy, it really hasn’t been keeping up as a developer’s machine – their attention has clearly been elsewhere.

Apple’s JDK support is a part of my problem, and yes, I have their JDK6 from the ADC. I’ve met the folks on the JDK team and they’re trying real hard. It’s hard to tell what the fundamental issue is, but it keeps feeling like the big problem is that developers aren’t the “Target Demographic” 🙂

Lots of folks ask “why doesn’t sun just do the JDK for Mac?”. The real answer is “because Apple wanted to do it”. They’ve wanted to do all sorts of customization and integration that only they could do – because they own the OS.


So in the end, the father of Java finally declares that: 



(Hopefully that’s not how James Gosling look in Second Life.)


Goodbye, Apple. What you need is a dose of bad programming language Laughing!




Oh, by the way, the nerdy chap is the Father of Java back in 1971 when he’s yet to be a father Surprise.

Read article Contrarian Minds: James Gosling which chronicles the event shaping the nerdy geek Nerd. Oh, by the way too, this is also where the nerdy photo and cartoons is taken from.


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Geezer: (S) for All Songs:  Right Here Waiting | Now and Forever | Angelia



The popular heartthrob Hot of the 1990s is just too perfect to be true. Richard Marx is a total-package that destined for greatness in the music industry Cool. He is one of the ever rare species that has been a very accomplished songwriter, singer, performer, recording producer and a devoted husband Kissall at the same time.


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image How does it feel to stay for a night in a 33 rooms haunted house that certainly guarantee to scare the wit out of you ? How about holding your wedding there with blessing of the family ghosts ?

Casper ghost they are not, but it close enough.

If you want to know about the ghost who know how to do business, you come to the right place. For the house is known for its family of ghosts that when alive, once hold the empire of the beer business. And even their life has ended, they continue to lurk in the house to attract visitors who pay a premium price just to be up close and personal with them.


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Geezer: (LB) for All Songs | Faithfully | Open Arm | When You Love a Woman | Foolish Heart



No one, not even Steve Perry, will even thought that one day Journey will ever be the rock band that many came to love and miss. Journey surely come a long way since 1973, and it is not until Steve Perry joined the Journey that the band really see how the world really need another ‘love’ band Red rose .


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What would you do if you suddenly inherit a eye-boggling fortune Money Eyes after selling your company to one of the most prolific internet company in history ?

image That is what Max Levchin, now 32, will tell you what he has done after selling image , his ecommerce payment company, to image for at least $1.54 billion in 2002 and endup becoming one of the wealthest and most successful internet icon with personal net worth of US$100millions.

In this article After Succeeding, Young Tycoons Try, Try Again,  produce today by NYTimes, Levchin reveal the detail of his life before and after Paypal . The article of 3 pages long take a deep look of what it means to live a startup life and the never-ending quest to pursue the startup passion despite having a fortune of a lifetimes. It’s really heartening to see Levchin did not laugh all the way to the bank everyday, but continue to work and live his passion in his recent startup, www.slide.com.

Some of the interesting quotes includes:

A life in the day of PayPal

During his PayPal days, Mr. Levchin was so committed to seeing the company succeed that he often sacked out at the office in a sleeping bag he kept under his desk. Considering that he described his apartment during some of this time as “scary,” that had a certain logic. Cardboard boxes served as his living room furniture; a discarded computer desk was his dining room table.

These days, despite the phenomenal success of PayPal, which gave him the bulk of a fortune worth around $100 million, Mr. Levchin continues to work an average of 15 to 18 hours a day.

“We occasionally go out to eat, he sleeps a few hours, he works out,” Ms. Minkova said. “But other than that, Max works.”…

A Life After

These days, despite the phenomenal success of PayPal, which gave him the bulk of a fortune worth around $100 million, Mr. Levchin continues to work an average of 15 to 18 hours a day…

Pursuing his true passion rather than take the ‘normal way’

He thought, too, about becoming a venture capitalist or an angel investor, a well-paved path for generations of entrepreneurs before him. Sequoia Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s top venture firms, gave him a desk to use while he figured out his next step. The partners at Sequoia would regularly invite him to join pitch meetings, but that experience taught him that he was hardly suited to the more nurturing side of the profession.

“I took this perverse pleasure in seeing if I could make someone cry,” he said…

Refocusing life after the heyDay

While not nearly as rich as Mr. Levchin, Mr. Hong describes himself as well off enough so that work is optional. He was collecting more than $1 million a year from HotOrNot, a project he and his partner had created in seven days and which demanded little of his time.

“All of a sudden, you have the luxury — or the curse — of being able to ponder the meaning of life,” Mr. Hong said. “You ask yourself, ‘Why am I not happier given how lucky I’ve been?’”

Only later did Mr. Hong diagnose the real source of his angst: he was not doing much of anything. So like most of his peers, Mr. Hong decided to throw himself back into work, in his case refocusing on HotOrNot in the hopes of transforming the Web site into a larger business.


To understand what it means to work and breathe the startup life, what better way to learn then from Levchin. So why not give it a read Peace Sign.

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Geezer: (S) for All Songs : Have I Told You Lately | I Don’t Want To Talk About It (Rod Steward) | I Don’t Want To Talk About It (Van Morrison) | Sailing



Rod Stewart is certainly a rock legend and the undisputed king of romantic songKiss. Rod’s trademarked husky, coarse voice put a emotional touch Crying to every song he sing. His remarkable souful style of singing is hard to imitate by wannabes because of his distinctive vocal range that able to hit the high and low note with aplomb Monkey .


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Dave Karp, the 21 years old founder of imagebring us the next cool thing that expand on Twitter’s social concept. Look out for the new Tumblr 2.0 on November1.

Watch the video interview with the founder at end of article.


Ever since image become a phenomenal success and give birth to a new term call micro-blogging, there are proliferation of similar services that capitalize on the trend. The market for similar service will definitely heat up quickly and given that the entry barrier is low (Twitter been exception since it use SMS) as compared to virtual world, user will have no lack of such free service to choose from.

Twitter’s advantage of using SMS for information update and delivery is perhaps its greatest disadvantage as well. Although SMS service make it easier to update and deliver information since most user own phone, it can only accept limited amount of text entry (Some argue that constraint is a good thing to build concise and meaningful message, that I leave it to you). As such, Twitter somehow limit its functionalities to that of short text entry to leverage on SMS.


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