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Java Applet lives again !

Java applet used to a be taboo as a Java deployment solution.
It used to be slow to initialize and take ages to even run a simple applet. Sometimes, the applet will just fail to load due to some class errors.

Not anymore.
For the first time, Sun has seriously revamped the architecture of the browser solution. As soon as the applet is downloaded, the applet just appear instantly. Everything feels snappier than before.

I have downloaded the Java SE 6 Update N beta for a spin, and if this is any indication, the future of applet seem promising again. Although it is a beta, it seem stable to run any applet I try on the web and java applications installed in system.

There are some interesting technologies at work. There is no doubt that QuickStarter feature attributes to this speed by preloading and caching commonly used class into memory rather than reinstantiate again for every applet run.

Another interesting enhancement that yet to find its way in this beta is Java Kernel where the Java runtime library is ‘bundled’ into smaller pieces, and only those pieces that required for applet is downloaded and run.

For a review of the remarkable technology, surf this site:
I recommend download the online version of the JRE because it is smaller in size (For windows and for those who doesn’t need multilanguage support, 11mb)

2008 will be the exciting year for Rich Internet Application as Adobe Flex3 will be released, Silverlight will built traction, and Java SE 6 Update N released.
Flex, Silverlight, Flash, and many exciting RIA technologies might just meet its match in  ‘Applet 2.0’.


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My first blog …

Hmmm, for a start, this is my first humble simple blog.

And there is nothing I want to say now in order to make it simple. Really.

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