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Back in my NS days in mid 1990s, I remember once a while, we will gather in platoon bunk at night to ‘talkcock’, and one of the popular topics is always about army ghost stories. Even to this day, when I return to reservist, I often gather with platoon mate to reminisce the nostalgic army days and take turn to tell good ghost stories for a thrill in late night, and sure enough always end up accompany each other to toilet due to fear of meeting ‘dirty’ thing.

The foundation of all ghost story always begin with certain unfortunate tragic event. And certainly, accidents and soldier who commit suicide do happen during NS days because of high level of stress and unforeseen circumstances. Some stories that reported in past newspaper include soldier that shot at his officer before killing himself, healthy soldier that die suddenly without warning, soldiers that are killed by lightning, unfortunate soldier that are killed by stray bullet from live firing exercise conducted few kilometers away, soldier that died of drowning. Still, there might be others that are just not reported and is covered up for fear of public uproar (yes, those are the days, but with the internet nowadays, it is hard to cover up anything at all).

So soldier that died often become the basis of any army ghost story, for many believe the dead will return some day to haunt those place he frequent and live.

The army always instigate a buddy system during Basic Miltary Training
where each buddy is accountable to each other’s whereabout and action,
and failure to do so result in reprimand or even confinement that
‘burn’ your weekend day. And there’s always a good reason to take care of each other in a environment that new to everybody.
And for every army camp, there’s sure to have its own portfolio of ghostly tales that passed from one generation to another.

Whether ghostly encounter do happen is questionable because soldier start to imagine and hallucinate about thing when under certain stress conditions. For one, I have personally witness group of stray dogs barking at particular spot at nothing in midnight. I also heard footsteps of marching boots where no-one is supposed to be around. I also heard song playing from a isolated room and told by senior to mind my own business for there are something best left to unknown. Indeed, fear do evoke imagination one hardly can rationalize about.

And now, for those people who never went to NS or foreigner who are interested to know what macho Singaporean scare of, I summarize what is the ultimate of all Singapore army ghost stories.

The incident take place in 1983 in the army camp in Pulau Tekong, a small island even to this day is used as army camp for Basic Military Training. It happen that one day a soldier going for a route march went missing, and he simply could not be found. The very next day, when his lifeless body is found, it is noted that his internal organs is exposed, citing the speculation that it is the work of supernatural being or maybe just stomach rupture . And since then, the story is embellished with more bell and whistles to make it a truly classic ghost story. One story link to another, and soon the story is been overly-exaggerated into a possible Jack Neo’s hit film.

However, back in my army day, I do not have the luxury to find out the detail from the internet, and only lately in 2006 did someone which originated from subsequent batch of same camp make some effort to uncover the truth behind the mystery. For one, the truth he uncovered from reliable sources did show that haunting indeed has taken place, and that he did manage to track down the identity of the deceased and even pay a visit to his ‘grave’.

So for those, who still dare to read on after my summary, do go to following link

Don’t say I never warn you, and for those fainted-heart, do read it during day time.
Talking about ghost is cool, but meeting one isn’t ….<:^O haha


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