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Have you ever feel like blogging about some interesting thing while surfing but procrastinate at the thought of crumble-some steps need for blogging ?

To many, those hassle of going to a web-based blog tool or even launching a blogging desktop application might have destroy any enthusiasm to blog at all.

Not anymore.
Chris Finke, a software developer for Netscape, has developed ScribeFire, a free Firefox extension, that bring high level of convenience, power and workflow for blogging. At the click of a button located on the bottom rightside of the browser, ScribeFire will instantly appear on lower half of the browser screen estate which can be controlled.

ScribeFire running under Firefox


On its editing screen, all the usual formatting and editing functions is available though Rich Editing Mode, and user can further tweaked its HTML source further using Source Editing mode.

On the right side is all the administrative functions which are neatly separated into tabs that includes:

  • Blogs
    Many bloggers maintain multiple blogs under same account. This allows user to add new or select the blog to which the article will be post to.
  • Tags
    Allow setting up of new tag or select the tags which the article will be associated with. (Tag is also known as Category in WordPress)
  • Posts
    This shows all the blog articles that has been posted under current Blog. With this, one can bring out the blog article for editing by just simply clicking on the desired topic.
    With this selected, the editing screen also show additional functions as Delete Post and Publish As Edit which as it name imply, delete the currently selected topics and updating the article respectively.
  • Notes
    This intelligently designed function serves two main purposes. It can be used to write article as draft before posting and use to store information. Each note can have its topics and its topic can be rapidly search in real-time as you type (If one think about it, Note is essentially blog article in disguise and these two are interchangeable as one can convert between each other, that why I say this implementation is intelligently designed)

Along with this, ScribeFire also offer some useful functions like posting to Technorati and some popular ping facilities. It also provides some customizable options for its screen.

One nice feature due its integration with Firefox is the ability to drag and drop text and image from the webpage (That’s why split-screen is so useful). It is also able to DnD text and image from external application (eg Window Explorer) into its editing screen. Very impressive.

Generally, ScribeFire doesn’t offer what cannot be done in popular web-based blogging tools. But being an extension that run basically as an application within Firefox, it doesn’t need to connect to internet and incur lagging time to bring out blogging-tool/admin page, and therefore everything feel snappier (Of course, unless one is accessing information through the net). In addition, it integrates the most commonly used blogging function under one easily-accessible and user-friendly interface that can conveniently accessed through just a simple click.

All in all, ScribeFire is a valuable tool for any serious blogger running Firefox browser, and it is a tool that you feel you won’t need it until you start using it, and once you start using it, you won’t stop using it. It becomes a indispensable tool for me and it just might be indispensable for anyone too.

Product: ScribeFire
Cost: Free


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