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Evidently, GeekCoder is touched by the haunting music of Kevin Kern, The Enchanted Garden, as played by the prodigy who won the Kevin Kern’s music competition event from my previous post. So after a search from Google, the only informative article reveal her to be a Taipei primary 5 female prodigy (2005), Chen Yanyu, that qualified to enter into world famous and established Curtis Institute of Music  (wiki) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Surprisingly, her early years is similar to Jay Chou. She is deemed as a music idiot (since her innate music talent is yet to be developed) in her early years by her personal music tutor. However, her supportive mother who strongly believe in her gifted ability persistently seek help for her daughter to study in the best music school.

I have use Systran Language conversion to convert the chinese into English. The English conversion is definitely not foolproof, but still quite readable to understand. I can’t find her photo in the internet perhaps she want to keep her privacy. So here it is.

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台小五生陈延瑜 考上美音乐学院





4/9/2005 10:20:09 AM

English version (Translated by Systran and edited. Still not good enough, might at least quite readable)

[great era on April 9 news](free Times Reporter Hu Shize the ╱ Taipei report)

Chen Yanyu, who pass the exam entry for The Curtis Institute of Music, is commended by the teachers and students as “Taiwan young Beethoven” Taibei ancient pavilion country small fifth grade student Chen Yanyu, this March passes an examination of Curtis Institute of Music (to be equal world-known to collegiate grade), soon goes to the American Philadelphia in August to pursue advanced music studies.

Chen Yanyu, relying on her exquisite piano skill, sets the Taiwan record as the youngest Taiwanese to take the entry exam for Curtis Institute of Music. After she grows up, she hope to becomes a well-known pianist that help Taiwan music be recognized in the musical world.

In average person’s eye, Chen Yanyu from four, five years old starts study the piano, eight years old come on stage the performance, was the music talent, schoolmate says she played a stringed musical instrument when fervently, resembled a young Beethoven, later will be called her young Beethoven. However, Chen’s mother said that extends when the Chen Yanyu’s childhood once was studying the piano with family education teacher, because music talent not yet straightens out, once was also talked into by teacher was music idiot, but she does not believe in evil doctrines, please another two teachers teach again, has not expected two teachers both to congratulate her to live music talent, also feared that oneself ability is limited, extends delays the fine jade study progress. Therefore Chen’s mother under the friend introduction, asked Soochow University Professor Vander to leap the instruction, and decided to let her daughter take the exam for entry into “archeology pavilion country” small music class during her primary three years.

The ancient pavilion country small please come state-run Taiwan Teachers University professor, LinMeiHui, to instruct and mentor Chen Yanyu. Professor Lin described Chen Yanyu having the comprehension strength, the memory, study strength. Chen Yanyu every evening devotedly practice the piano two hours, the legal holiday date is fixedly seven hours, the piano skill also progresses by leaps and bounds, in small four seizes Baroque Taibei cup piano group lower grade first, the nation music competition country group champion, several years will take many big prizes in the future.

Professor Lin said that Curtis Institute of Music in the US has best reputation in term of history and pedigee, with Master Bernstein namely graduates from this school, and its fame even surpass Juilliard School, another famous music school. After Chen Yanyu in March passes the entry examination for Curtis Institute of Music, she will become the youngest student ever to do so to date.

4/9/2005 10:20:09 AM


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On Sep this year, Computerworld post their favourite free web apps

[Quote from Computerworld, Click here to read why they are so important)

The current explosion of AJAX-powered Web sites has helped spawn countless next-generation Web apps offering everything from simple to-do lists to complex project management, not to mention the ability to share all kinds of things — documents, calendar listings, photos, video and more.

It turn out that these are the five important apps

Web apps we can’t live without:
The A-list

  Honorable mention

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Geezer: (NM) for All Music: Through the Arbor | Sundial Dreams | In the Enchanted Garden

When I first heard these music years ago, I ask myself who could possibly compose such a beautiful and marvellous music that can touch the inner soul of every living being.

Kevin Kern (Definitely look geeky )


Later, I find out that it is none other than the highly-acclaimed musician and pianist, Kevin Kern, who compose and play these music instrumentally using nothing but the piano. His music is at best describe as sentimental and sincere, the style of music that especially melt the heart of every female and bring them to tear should you ever play them personally (If you ever have the talent ) . Kevin Kern produces many wonderful albums but one that truely standout from the rest is In the Enchanted Garden, Kevin’s debut album.
Just browse through the comment on this album http://www.amazon.com/Enchanted-Garden-Kevin-Kern/dp/B000001J4C and you know that it is not an ordinary album, but a extraordinary collection of beautiful music.

Kk_enchantedgarden In the Enchanted Garden, the popular album and its music that make Kevin Kern world famous.

There are some outstanding composition that Kevin Kern play with so much passion and heart that simply touch the heart of everyone listening to it. In fact, some of the composition will commonly used as a wedding music as it seem the music is appropiately created for. Even the album cover indicates so, as the garden is one of the favourite place for lover in full wedding grown will take memorable photo before officially becoming ever-lasting loving couple.

Youtube has the concert of Kevin Kern performing his signature music. These are my 3 favourite songs from the album, and I’m sure that it will be yours soon.

1) Through the Arbor
The trademark song of Kevin Kern. Clearly the most popular by miles. Frequently use in wedding ceremony and exchange oath.


2) Sundial Dreams
Another classic from the master

3) In the Enchanted Garden
The beautiful song that is also the title of debut album. I could not find Kevin Kern’s version of this song. Nonetheless, this girl play the music excellently though Kevin’s version (as listen from CD) is more heart-warming and closer to heart. Her action is a bit overwhelming but she’s no Mr Bean. In fact, she won first prize playing this composition with all her heart and soul. Maybe most gifted genius behave this way ? [Read later post to find out who she is]

2007年凱文柯恩鋼琴決賽第一名_The Enchanted Garden [2007 Kevin Kern piano competition winner]

Over the years, Kevin produce more albums thereafter but none is as impactful as the first album. Nonetheless, it worth to listen to rest of his albums because each album has a different theme. Check them out at his website.


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Aaron Newman is the Founder/President of Techrigy, the company that bring us the free  image service that back up blog painlessly and automatically online.


Ever lose sleep worrying that a day will come when your blog get hack or lost due to some accidential deletion ? (It’s so easy to delete a blog with just click of button ! Why not use typed word as confirmation ? It sure beat me.)

If you are like those blogger who want a peace of mind for their precious blog and doesn’t want to waste time manually perform a full backup periodically can choose to use image , a free blog backup service that can automatically backup blog daily, quick and painless.

BlogBackupOnline is a AJAX website that provides valuable backup service entirely from the web. It is particularly useful to those blogger who use free blog hosting services like www.wordpress.com as they have little control and access over their blog file resources compare to those who pay for hosted service. It also able to support many popular blogging system like WordPress, Blogger,TypePad, Movable Type etc and able to restore from one blog system to another.

Using BlogBackupOnline is just plain simple. Before use, one first need to register account with the service, and then will be given 50mb of free backup. The system has all the functions needed to manage the backup/restore lifecycle through its intuitive and easy-to-use interface which is logically organized through a row of tabs.

The following steps highlight how easy to use BlogBackupOnline to backup a site.

1) After login, the Dashboard page will display showing the blog accounts that is setup for backup along with information about backup, sizes and blog service. One can start by register the blog through a button. User can also use the Settings option to email the summary of update. To start backup/restore function, one just simply click on the Manage button of respective blog row.

2) All the functions applicable to the blog will appear. For a start, user can choose to perform a full backup manually, and then enable daily backup so that the system can perform incremental backup which essentially backuping only modified changes saving space. Before backup, user can also select whether to perform backup of the image files. User do not have to wait for their backup to complete, rather they just need to monitor the Log screen to check on the backup status. The backup I experience is fast, and takes under 3 minutes to backup my blog of around 150kb without any images.

3) After backup, the user can use Log page show historical records of all backup performed.

4) Or even access the Content page to preview the content, comment and image from the blog articles selected on the left list.

That’s it ! Isn’t it ridiculously simple to perform the backup ? Even then, the user no longer need to access BlogBackupOnline anymore thereafter unless they want to perform restore, export or setup. It basically a Run And Forget transparent system which backup the modified blog daily and then send the user a summary of backup history every week  (customizable) through email.

Other functions include restore feature that restore blog to a URL and select the format of blog system to use (It doesn’t have to be the original blog system). The Export function can export all the blogs into XML format (That’s why using image link (etc Link to flickr) is so useful because one don’t have to manually place the embedded image into the page or upload any image.)

To faciliate backup quickly, it is recommended not to use image that actually reside together with blog file on same server, but rather use link for image that is uploaded through free image storage service like flickr. Not only this improve the backup time, it reserve free storage space to be used more efficiently for blog text (afterall 50mb is not a lot for storing high-quality and large-size images)


Unfortunately, BlogBackupOnline do not yet support password-protected blog. Although one could register the blog for backup, nothing will actually be backup at all. This feature has long being requested and it still remain the question whether BlogBackupOnline will support it at all.

Opera browser does not seem to work well with BlogBackupOnline as it always show the last accessed Blog account even though other Blog account is changed through its correspondent Manage button.


BlogBackupOnline is a reliable service that provides a free insurance for blog and definite worth using. Prevention is better than cure. Why not start using it rather than wait till disaster strike ?

Review: BlogBackupOnline
Cost: 50mb Free for backup
URL: www.BlogBackupOnline.com

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