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image Well, Abraham almost did his ‘sacrifice’ as depict by this very sad and touching song, aptly name Sacrifice, written and sang by Bob Fitts, a well-known international Christian Evangelist, composer and singer.

The song scaringly depicts the feeling of Abraham’s promised sacrifice of his son and also God’s sacrifice of his beloved son. Abraham’s faith is put to test by God when God ask him to sacrifice his son,Isaac, to prove his faithfulness and belief.

The following video with the song in the background superbly highlight the traumatic state of Abraham as he about to kill his son on a altar, and as he do so, he recalled those past event of having his son been conceived till growth up. But as Abraham about to kill his son , God stop him because God is only testing him.

image The second stage of video shows God’s son, Jesus, carrying the cross across the street to the hill for crucification. It show a gluesome scene of Jesus’s bloody body and his crucification process and suffering (Not for the fainted heart ! ).



ImagesThe youthful and ageless Bod Fitt

I have known this song when it is released in Bob’s best-selling debut album, Take My Healing to the Nations in late 1980s.



This album has also produce some outstanding tracks (who video not available in Youtube)

Click on the above link will lead to mp3.com to preview short clip of the song. It actually run a Windows Media Player in a HTML page to play the clip.

Beware for those sensitive soul. Prepare for some tissues because this will surely move everyone to tears.



GeekCoder couldn’t find this lyrics on internet, which is quite surprising consider the popularity of this song in the Christian world. Perhaps it is God’s will that GeekyCoder have to type this himself . So here it is after ten minutes of typing in the middle of the night (Do GeekyCoder ever sleep ? hmmm, he’s a nocturnal. Sleep by day, active by night, but don’t worry, he’s not a , he just love the tranquility of the night ). As this lyrics is typed around 4am, the sky suddenly turn red with thunderous sound, and strong wind blow across his room. Maybe God is pleased with GeekyCoder’s ‘sacrifice’, not his ‘son’, but his time for this post, haha .

Anyway, here it is. As the song is been transcribed, there are still some words that could not be decipher but it’s close enough.

Sacrifice by Bob Fitts

Oh, this must be the hardest hill I ever climb

for I must sacrifice you promise son of mine

and so I go and worship you by my side

and trust the sacrifice you have provide

and though I cherish you, I must now offer you

to Him who is the giver of all good things

and though I cherish you, I must now offer you

for surely he could rise you up again

Here on the altar father i lay all my dream

And offer back to you this child you given me

oh son you must believe he call us to obey

and by his love, he make a better way

and though I cherish you, I must now offer you

to Him who is the giver of all good things

and though I cherish you, I will now offer you

for surely he will rise you up again

Oh Abraham, Oh Abraham,

now that I know you fear my name, withhold your hand,

Oh Abraham, oh faithful man

your only son, he’s not the one,

behold the lamb, behold the lamb,

It must have be the hardest thing he ever done

when God the father sacrifice his only son.

the one that he most cherish give his life away

and by his love, he make a better way

and so I cherish you, and so I honour you

and truely you are all the giver of all good thing

and so I cherish you, and so I honour you

your sacrifice is now the king of kings.

Jehovah-Jireh, he has provided,

the sacrifice of love no man could ever give

and what he requires you and me, even the hardest thing

your blood of christ , your sacrifice to me is straight to obey.


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Geezer: (S) for All Songs | Puppy Love | Put Your Head On My Shoulder | Diana | Times Of Your Life (S2) | I don’t like to sleep alone (S2) 


image Time has certainly catch up with the once-flamboyant Paul Anka but his timeless collection of fabulous songs continue to attract all walk of listeners from young to old. The indisputable king of romantic song of the oldies, now 66 years of age, sang all these nostalgic beautiful classic back in 1960s –1970s. This handsome chap in his youth day tend to write and sing catchy and easy-to-sing-along romantic song pertaining to relationship courtship to reflect those situation and event he experience.


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Ever wonder how Google can create the culture of innovation within the big and bureaucratic organization ?
Bharat Mediratta, a Google software engineer reveal more ‘secret’ apart from known 20% personal project time practice in this The Google Way: Give Engineers Room in New York Times today.

If your 20 percent idea is a new product, it’s usually pretty easy to just find a few like-minded people and start coding away. But when the thing you really want to work on is to make a broad change across the whole organization, you need something new — you need a “grouplet.” …

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Geezer: You were there (S2)


This beautiful haunting ballade by disbanded Australia band Southern Sons captures the heart of many love wannabes in early 1990s. The clear crystal voice of Phil Buckle make all the difference in this unforgetable wonderful love song.



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There’s a video on the interview of Mark Zuckerburg in the recent Web 2.0 submit.

After viewing the video which last about 30min, should I say the answer from the founder is as nerdy and geeky. There seems to be lack of chemistry between Mark and the interviewer and at time seem awkward.

But still overall, it’s quite an interesting interview that talk about financing, business model, social graph etc.

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IMPORTANT: This post is superseded by a new post created on 22Feb2-008 that reviews Vodpod, a video web service, that allows any flash widget to appear in WordPress.com.  Please peruse the following link instead.
Review<Web>: Embeds ‘ANY’ Flash widget in WordPress.com using the incredible Vodpod


Given WordPress’s popularity and the increasingly use of Flash
widget/components (etc Music embedded player, games) in website , one
probably thought that it should be easy to integrate Flash with
WordPress. However, the answer is surprisingly NO. After gaggling
through many frustration and searching through forum of WordPress
,including experimenting with different Object/Embed tag setting
suggested in the forum, I finally conclude that it is impossible to
embed any flash directly into WordPress page reliably with whatever
html hack. The only feasible solution is to use plug-in. However, if
you are one of those using the free WordPress hosted service (etc
http://www.wordpress.com) like I do currently, then you are simply out of
luck. The only ‘reliable’ way is to use a paid hosted service that
allow the plug-in to be installed.

What exactly happened ?

In order to ensure that WordPress can properly display a page and for security reason, WordPress perform stringent check on the page submitted. One notable side effect is that any page submitted with object/embed tag that commonly used by Flash, will have that portion of code stripped off (simply as good as not there). This is the main source of frustration, and WordPress do not seem waning to address this in its free host service. The only current support for flash widget is restricted to Youtube, google video service etc. Use WordPress’s own notation to directly include these video into any webpage.

Login to WordPress, go to [Write then Write Post] tabs,
at the bottom of screen, you will see the following :

At the bottom of the screen is the notation to include video in the wordpress page. This means that explicit support is needed for similar service.

Perhaps other blogging host services do not have this limitation, but whatever it is, the only reliable way to take advantage of those cool Flash widget in WordPress is to subscribe to a paid host service and install the plug-in to make those widget work.

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