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Geezer: (OB) for all songs : Love of A Lifetime | I Live My Life For You | When I Look Into Your Eyes | Sleeping With You

I finally found the love of a lifetime …
 (How I wish I could say that Laughing )


With this well-known chorus, Firehouse has set their destiny as one of the best well-known rock band particular in Asia back in early 1990s. Firehouse, previously mentored by Bon Jovi, has definitely come a long way since 1990 with their first megahit, Love in their Lifetime, in their first ever platinum selling debut album, for which they received the coveted American Music Awards for being the Best New Hard Rock/Metal Band in 1991 .



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To most geeks Nerd,   image  and   image  may be the only tech blogs they ever need to keep up-to-date on the web 2.0 industry. However, they are not the only game in town. For one, these two popular tech blogs primarily focus on the editor’s view and opinion of web 2.0 startup or tech news, and tend to attract commenters or even the startup founder to join in the discussion which make them all the more engaging and popular. Though some of their posts are deemed ‘provocative’ enough to create dissident and unhappiness with some startup’s founder. Having to conjure a startup as ‘deadpool’ will sure to create some conflict with the editor and the founder that usually perceived as bad PR by many. Techcrunch’s recent case of PodTech Heading Towards The Deadpool? and Time To DeadPool TailRank? You Decide are the good examples of their ‘unique and confrontational’ reporting style.

Introducing Webware

image So where do this leave Webware, the tech blog from CNET ? Given CNET’s knowledge, business network and connection with the industry players, Webware, which dim itself as as the site for COOL WEB 2.0 APPS FOR EVERYONE,  tend to provide more of a direct, neutral and objective reporting style which does not promote ‘backslash’ and ‘argument’ from the commentators. That’s also probably why I find lack of comment from the site rather than by lack of popularity. The lack of comment might also attribute to the fact that commentator need to register before giving a comment unlike Techcrunch and ReadWriteWeb. However, it also provides more coverage on web industry event and conference.

WebWare’s design look ‘duller’ than rival sites


I also find Webware provide more industry quotes, perhaps to make the news more convincing and less biased.

For example, Webware on Opera links mobile devices to Web bookmarks provides the following quotes from Opera’s CEO:

“Things are moving in our direction,” von Tetzchner said. “The Web is changing, and it’s moving in our direction as people are using it on more and more devices, and people are looking at alternatives on the desktop.” Application development on both PCs and mobile devices is increasingly shifting toward Web-based applications that can run on any device through the browser, and although that’s still a pretty fragmented notion in the smartphone world, it’s an interesting time for a company like Opera.

This is contrast to the similar news from Techcrunch’s Synchronize Your Browsing Habits with Opera Link .

Judging from the quality and quantity of their post which now accumulate to more than 2300 entries, Webware definitely offer its own share of exclusive news that lacking in its rivals.

In addition, Webware hold its own against the competitors by having well-organized access to website link group by category.


Under the <Webware 100> menu, Webware consolidate the most popular sites under distinctive category.


Even better, there is categories panel located on right side of screen which allow one to quickly access all the tech news that belong to the desired category.

Apart from these, Webware also offer more ways to subscribe its feed. These includes RSSFeed, email, Google, Bloglines, MSN, Yahoo, Newsgator.


From the look, one could easily dismiss Webware as just another Techcrunch’s clone. But on closer look, it is definitely distinctive from its competitors due to different style of reporting which target a more meticulous and industry-focus source of audience. In addition, it’s well organized access to tech news is also something that its rival could not match.

Given that Webware is the lesser-known of the popular tech blogs, I don’t think it deserves the reputations of being a second-tier alternative consider the quality work done by the dedicated Webware editors. Knowledge-wise, The reader will definitely get as much value from reading Webware as other tech blogs.

Which to say, for those audience that want a all-round knowledge of the web industry, it’s best to supplement their favourite tech blogs with Webware.

Review: Webware
Type: Tech Blog
URL: www.webware.com

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Geezer: (LB) for All Songs: Wind of Change | LIving for Tomorrow | Under the same sun | White Dove | Always Somewhere | You and I | Still Loving You | When the smoke is going down | Rock You Like a Hurricane

image Scorpions, the world famous German rock/metal band Not listeninghas been dominating the heavy metal industry since their ‘official’ inception in 1974. The songs of Scorpions can be easily identified by the trademark voice of the  charismatic vocalist Klaus Meine Hot who is borned with a distinctive and dynamic voice and the raw fluid metal sound playing in the background. The band is also well-known for their live performance that is full of energy and power.


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image Obviously, GeekyCoder is very excited On the phoneto leverage the audio service of Deezer because it is such a wonderful service that every music lover will love. Youtube provides the video, WordPress provides the content, now Deezer provides the audio. What a lethal combination ! Now everyone can enjoy the crystal clear quality of the audio !

Oh, I almost forget Sleepy ! Thank to Byethost too for the generous and free webhosting service.

Welcome to Geezer

So GeekyCoder impatiently mock up the site quickly, aptly name it Geezer, which stand to mean ‘Geek meet Deezer’. The site contains all the music/song that GeekyCoder has reviewed in his blog arranged by playlist. Each playlist is defined by a category. Beside the category word is a short-form which the song blog will used to identify where the song is placed in the playlist.

So Here is the site snapshot …. Praying

image Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it look plainChatterbox and ugly Nerd, but it will get better with time Pig.

Why not just embed it into blog ? I will like to but found it occupy too much space and given that the blog contains other flash widgets from Youtube, the Deezer widget will take sometime to show up. Beside, putting into separate site make it easier to edit and expand the category.



So for every song post, it will begin with the following if the song is found in Deezer.

Geezer: SongName (CategoryShortForm)

For example,

Geezer: Stairway To Heaven (LB)

it means that the song is located in Love Ballade playlist. Deezer currently lack a sorting capability so user have to browse through the playlist for the song, but it should be manageable because the list is still small.

For a start, try this link, and listen to the famous ‘demonic song’ if you dare Not listening !

If you like the idea, feel free to use it Open-mouthed!

All good idea is worth sharing Thumbsup!

So happy deezering Oh go on!

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Today, Computerworld post quite a comprehensive review of Apple’s new Mac OS X release. Although it is just 0.1 difference from last version 10.4, it still consider a major release due to its improved internal architecture changes and many new features that used to be available only in commerical third-party product.

While Apple lists more than 300 changes for the OS, most users will be focused on the biggies: Time Machine, Spotlight, Quick Look, Spaces, Parental Controls, a revamped Finder and Dock, an updated user interface, much-needed tweaks to programs like Mail and iChat, and behind-the-scenes changes that should make it easier for developers to improve their own third-party applications.

To Read more…

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imageHow can I differentiate my WordPress site from other wannabes ? What cool plug-in is available with Skype ? What free blog services can I use ? How can I further enhance Flickr service ? Thinking

If you ever ask those questions, you definitely bound to search Google time-consumely and aimlessly Crying. Even then you received just only a fraction of the answer leading to frustration Angry. How you wish that someone compile those list of links magically.

Well, what if you have already has the answer in your doorstep ?

That’s is what exactly Mashable offers. Not only Mashable offers the latest news update on the web industry and new startup, it is also compile a comprehensive links of every imaginable (mostly free !) resources, tools and services in popular categories like VOIP, BLOG, P2P, IM, Gmail, presentation etc Tongue out! These compilation is something that even many competitive tech blogs lack including Techcrunch, ReadWriteWeb.

So how do access these features in Mashable ? These ‘hidden gems’ Gift with a bow is unfortunately located at the bottom of the post and only appear according to the context of the post (Category link keep changing too, watch out Disappointed). It could probably be more effective if all these categoy links could be consolidated under a single page. But then, Mashable want to keep the ‘suspense’ alive and want you to explore those hidden gem yourself and comeback for more !

However you can use the following links for a start:

30+ Tools For The Amateur Writer

SKYPE TOOLBOX: 50+ Enhancements for Skype

IPHONE TOOLBOX: 75+ iPhone Resources

VOIP TOOLBOX: 30+ VoIP Services

WORDPRESS GOD:300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog


So what you waiting forI dont know ? Start exploring and innovating Light bulb!

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Geezer: The Flame (LB) | Voices (LB)

image Cheap Trick is one of the longest surviving rock band formed in 1968 which still doing tour actively these day. Among their most requested song will be ‘The Flame’, produced in1988, which still their number 1 hit ever produce. Another popular song is ‘Voices’ produce in 1979. Cheap Trick’s lively style and clean image Open-mouthed continue to attract new listener everywhere .


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