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Geezer: (CH) for All Songs : 一天到晚游泳的鱼 | 大海 | 我的未来不是梦


imageimage 张雨生, Zhang YuSheng, was one of Taiwan’s most promising all-round musician that not only wrote excellent songs and possessed great vocal but also doing music production and mentoring potential stars like ZhangHuiMei. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1997 at age of 31 years old after a tragic car accident.

However his legacy lives on with those famous singers that he had successfully groomed and those excellent songs that he wrote and sang.



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After almost a decade as a faithful M1 subscriber, I finally succumbed to Singtel’s attractive cheapest mobile plan for better value for money. Just this early November when my 2years mobile contract end, I thought of renewing the contract with M1, but I found dismaying about M1 was that it’s cheapest plan is SunTalk Plus 100 costing $25++ with 3 months CallerID, and $30 thereafter. And after checking with StarHub and Singtel at the same time, it even really surprised me was that all the mobile plans for all three major companies were more or less the same for most affordable plan (I did not bother to check the rest of the plan) ! The latter two companies actually were cheaper at $20++, therefore $5 dollars cheaper.

But it left me wondering why after all these years that those mobile price is more or less remain the same ? Yes, though the plan benefits varies from mobile company, one can’t helping feeling that if some kind of collusion is involved in term of pricing. After all, competition is supposed to drive price down, not maintain status quo or even disguise under the so-called better service or deal that no relevant to consumer if he found little use for it.

But what I do know is that Singtel, which often coincidentally follow by Starhub and M1, will sometimes hold special promotion for mobile plan of which the last promotion was on August (Not October as I recalled since I remember spoken to the Staff saying that it 2 months before contract expired) . So I actually hold waiting for the promotion, and luckily just yesterday, it happen that there is a promotion going on and I managed to signup with Singtel for the cheapest plan (not that I cheapo, haha, but saving money goes a long way !), and what I saw from the brochure is that it end today (30Nov). And also don’t bother to ask the Singtel staff when the next promotion, they just won’t divulge anything, claiming that when it comes, it comes, and when it goes, it goes (As usual, very singlish). But from what I observe, it probably takes 2-3 months before next promotion comes.

The different in saving from promotion is substantial for my case, almost half of which I currently paid for M1 plan previously.

Plan Cost

So the new Singtel plan I signed up is as followed:

Monthly Subscription = $10.09 with promotion (Usual is $20.33) for first 12 months

Free Local Calls = 80mins for outgoing anytime

With No free SMS. (5.35cents for each SMS)

CallerID free for first 3 months, $5 thereafter

So for 2 years plan, the minimum total cost is

First 3 months => $10.09 * 3 = $30.27

Subsequent months of the year => $15.09 * 9 = $135.81

Subsequent year => $20.33 * 12 = $243.96

So adding in extra $20 dollars for SMS usage,

And purchase a Nokia 6120 classic phone costing $48 (with 2years contract) with registration cost of $42.80

the total cost for mobile usage in 2 years is $520.84 which average per year is $260.42, in turn average per month cost $21.70 which still reasonable (Still I believe it should be even lower if competition is aggressive).


Phone Purchased

image The phone I purchased was Nokia 6120 classic which I felt was the most value for money given that it is really a high-end phone (It is really a Symbian phone !)with premium features ! And given that it costs $48 for 2 years mobile plan, it is really unmatchable in term of price and value compare to even those free phone and high-end phone costing few times as much.

It is rare that one can get a Symbian phone at $48 dollars ! At least not one that is as excellent as 6210 classic !

The 3.5G phone is also pretty,light, sleek and compact, and contains generally all the features you normally find in high-end phones like 2megaPixel camera with built-in flash, bluetooth, USB 2.0, full features MP3/WMA music player etc. The speed is awesome as Symbian phone is known to be noticeable slow in the past. The screen is sharp and support 16 millions colours. Most importantly, it is using a standard USB connector to connect with PC (No more proprietary cable !). It also comes with 256mb miniSD card that good for the photo capture with the camera.

Review from the internet on the whole affirm that this is indeed a excellent phone.

All About Symbian Review: Nokia 6120 Classic / 6121 Classic Review

Mobile-review.com Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphones Nokia 6120/6121



Grab the promotion while you can !

So whoever want excellent value for money should take advantage of the promotion which ends today, otherwise one has to wait for another few months for the promotion again. And remember to get Nokia 6120 classic phone as well. You definitely won’t regret it !

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Geezer: (LB2) for All Songs: That’s What Love Is All About | How Am I Supposed To Live Without You |  | Said I loved you…but I lied | How Can We Be Lovers | When a man loves a woman | When I’m Back On My Feet Again | To Love Somebody


image Michael Bolton is a fantastic award winning singer-songwriter known for his soulful and tenor vocal. His unique soulful style of singing is particular unforgettable in concert. Not to mention his glaring killer stare that will melt any female who dare venture close to him. image
image Needless to say, any song render by Michael end up been soulful as well. image


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image  image

Dust in the Wind is the classic signature song by Kansas released in 1977. It has a melancholic style with a slow melodic tune. The lyrics are simple and meaningful reminding that we are nothing but really just like dust in the wind regardless of how much materialistic possession we have. So it too reminds us that we should pursue something meaningful in our life rather than live a life of meaningless materialistic pursuit. Perhaps only someday when we look back will we realize that we really are just a speckle in the wind.


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Geezer: Just When I Needed You Most (S2) | Version: Randy Vanwarmer | Bread | Tim McGraw | 品冠

image image   image

The late Randy Vanwarmer in 1979


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Geezer: 唯獨你是不可取替 (Andy) | 唯獨你是不可取替 (Sammi)


image This is a beautiful song with a enchanting melody. Originally a Japanese song with a quick tempo, it was adapted to different languages. It reached tremendous popularity when the Chinese version was released as a slow and heartfelt song. This was soon followed by the Cantonese version.


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image So what has Apple Leopard going to do with image ? A lot. Infoworld has been recognized as a premier source of IT news and review, and its pedigrees spanning more than 2 decades exemplify the high quality and standard of its content. Hence, a review done by Infoworld will somehow influence the purchasing decision make by an individual or business alike. So given that Infoworld choose to review Apple Leopard means that Infoworld has already considered its review seriously.


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