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The new image  2.0 is finally released. The main focus are user interface improvement, simple security, API and channel feature among the changes. For those who are new to Tumblr might want to read on Review<Web>: Tumblr 1.0, the multimedia ‘twitter without SMS’ as this article is built on previous experience with Tumblr 1.0.

Improvement and Enhancement

The main screen is more  visually appealing. Gone is the numerous tab that cluttered the screen, instead the previous Feed, Settings, and  Goodies tabs has now moved into Account menu.

The user logo and Post to link now will open the tumblelog (User Viewer Site)  when clicked.

There are now a new Audio type, although users are only allow to post one MP3 audio file of not more than 5mb per day, a limitation that probably be lifted one day.

Now the preview capability is built directly onto the dashboard. Previously, user has to open entry in preview screen to view the video or photo type. This save an extra click.

User can subscribe to others’ tumblelog and notify of the changes (+ Button clicked to allow user to enter others’ tumblelog URL, username/email.

Now, user can also directly add entry though using AOL Instant Messenger.

The system can also ping to Technocratic for new entries.

The new Channel menu allows user to create an unlimited ‘dashboard’ that only show entry added belong to that channel. This is useful as security feature as it allow sharing the channel to group of people. Though I find this feature confusing as the system did not elaborate on how to perform the channel sharing.


The new options under Settings screen allow Tumblr to promote your blog and notify blog search service.





Menu Organization


Now, the options in Version 1 is neatly organized into own menu. There is a few options in Settings that allow one to embed the tumblelog by embedding a javascript code into your website.





Improved Security

One of the anticipated enhancement is the new security feature. Evey entry type (Tumblr call it Blurb) has an Advanced Option link, which when click show the blue panel (As shown below)


For every entry, user can make them public or private to himself.

The entry can also be assigned to channel.

The user can also now change the creation date of entry, though I find it strange why there is no dropdown to select dateTime. It is basically a textfield which is not user-friendly. What if user type wrong date/time format ?

The tag feature is used to associated with blog search service like Technorati.






Now, Tumblr also integrate video upload through using free Vimeo service.









imageThe extra option bar in Bookmark Bar  (Open in another window) allow user to directly associate the post to channel as well.








The next important feature is the API which user can just fetch the page at http://(you).tumblr.com/api/read and receive a structured XML version of content in XML format. Or by using /api/read/json instead of /api/read when calling the Read API, the output will be sent as JSON.

The user not only can read the tumblelog but also write to it using standard API. Moreever, user can also upload a file. Indeed, Tumblr has make the API powerful and easy to use.


Review: Tumblr 2.0
Type: MicroBlogging
Cost: Free


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image Along with FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari, the Opera browser (Exciting History) has to be one of the better alternative with its own attractive features. Given that Opera has long pedigree of development since 1994, it has more years of optimizing its codebase and enhancement. And this is show in its excellent Zooming feature Thumbs-upwhich easily  beat all the competitors’s correspondent feature.

Unlike most competitors, the zooming feature is built into the Opera browser and offer a true zoom that magnify the whole page rather than just the image or text separately. (However, the zoom feature may not work properly with some sites when clicking on button or hyperlink on the page etc WordPress, Blogger. Opera browser currently does not work with Blogger at all.)

So if a user want capture a site image efficiently, it will be much more easier to do so with the zoom feature of Opera browser combined with image capture tool. (For Vista user, use the free installed Snipping Tool )

As can see from the following screenshot, the site is dynamically resize to 30% and user can then resize the browser windows so that the whole site wrap properly to the window size, and use can quickly capture the image using their favourite image tool. That’s definitely much quicker than having to capture the whole screen and then downsize it in number of steps !

True Zooming feature can be accessed conveniently using toolbar or View menu. As can be seen, the whole site is zoom to 30% and
This zoom feature offer many levels of magnification.

As demonstrated, it is definitely a timer-saver if user combine the opera browser together with their favourite screen capture tool for site image capture rather than

So why not just download Opera browser, and try it for yourself. Opera runs on a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. And even if you don’t use the browser for browsing, use it for efficient screen capture then. You might just like it Tongue out.

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I’m bet that not many users who migrate from Windows XP to Vista know this hidden gem.

In the past XP users might have lamented why Microsoft did not include a screen capture tool. XP User have to either content with using the pathetic all-Or-nothing printScreen key or install a third-party capture tools.

With the popularities of the blog that include many screen image,  it will be a obvious deficiency if a popular OS with myriad multimedia features overlook this important tool.

Snipping Tool, the free Windows Vista screen capture tool


So for those using Vista, Microsoft finally have answer their prayer in the form of new capable screen capture tool called Snipping Tool. This tool can be accessed in the Start button or assigned to a shortcut key.

Using it is simple as it follow the Capture-Touchup-Save workflow.

Step 1: Capture 
Press the New Button to start capturing, or click on the dropDown button to select the mode of capture.
A marquee will if user choose Rectangular or Window Snip as the mode.


Step 2: TouchUp
Once capture, the image will be displayed in the content window wheere user can further touch the screen. User can draw using customizable pen, and highlighter. (Shown on screen below as Red, Blue and Yellow colour) . The colour of the pen can be changed as well.


Step 3: Save

After touchup, user can either save it under several popular graphic formats or just send the image to clipboard or email.





There are also several options to customize the tools. One useful feature is to set it in QuickLaunch toolbar so that it can be easily accessed on the screen.








The screen capture tool is certainly welcoming and it make screen capture convenient and easy. So why not start using this precious gem right now ?

Review: Snipping Tools
Type: Utility bundle with Windows Vista

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Geezer: Human Touch (S2) (English) | Japanese version (JP)

click on above link, and go to S2 to hear the full MP3 (Legal by IMeeM) version of the song.

imageHuman Touch has to be the one of the best English theme songs of any Japanese animation series Thumbs-up. Sing by Warren Wiebe for Gundam X, the song is flawlessly portrayed in a angelic Angel, innocent voice which combined with a meaningful lyrics and heartfelt melody, put a warming and reflective touch Day dreamingto the Gundam scene. This work particular well with the series which has countless war and fighting among the human race using warfare robot known as Gundam. This song is particularly touching Crying when playback in aftermath of the war!


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