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Call the Right Men !

Please don’t call the Men-In-White image  as they are helpless/clueless against these mutants. Rules, carrots and money can’t tame these mutants. Only Men-In-Black image can handle these newly-found mutants and sent them back to where they belong. These mutants appear in various animal forms, and resemble those in the MIB movie.


imageCalled them X-animal if you want to, just like those  superhuman mutants are called X-men .

Just like the X-men, these animals are known to possess superhuman strength and their gene has made them more ferocious than they look. image




Where do they come from ?

image image

Two of the recently discovered species have escaped.




Report sightings of mutant koala bear have also raised international concern.







The genius and his apprentice ?




Did a group of genius scientists successfully create and clone these mutants that threaten the existence of mankind ? 
Where do these scientists come from ?
Who led them ?


Do your part to save the world !

Please help to identify those mutants here, and check if one of these animals is found in your backyard. They are highly dangerous, and do not attempt to catch them. Call MIB (#5354#) if you found them.

Is this the real Pokemon versus the cartoon Pokemon ?

image image

Will the real Pokemon please Stand Up !



Currently the situation is under control. Report will be further updated. In the meantime, please check the site to see if you can help spot any of them.


imagePublic is warned not to keep them as pet,


imagejust in case it endup the other way round !
imageor even worse,
endup as their delicacy !

Better Don’t play play image !


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Anyone ever want to see how a ghost look like but just can’t spot it Rolling Eyes ? Wanna visit famous alleged haunted places and building like Red House, Fort Canning Hill, Punggol House in Singapore but don’t dare to Nailbiting?

You don’t need to have third eye or visit those place anymore. You can even watch it at the comfort of your screen.

AbductBoy has taken the trouble to capture many photos of haunted premise and strange spirit around Singapore and bring this collection into his ghostly album image .

Be warned Bring it on. If you don’t believe in Ghost, you will after browsing through the collection of the unseen world.

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Geezer: I’ve Never Been To Me (S)

imageIt must have been more than 24 years ago in 1983 since I came across this song to my best of memory. I still a cry baby Cryingthen but this song, I’ve Never Been To Me sang by Charlene has such a haunting rhythm and is such a beautiful song that it been implanted into my mind since then.


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