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image Just look how sporty and lively these geography professors Nerd from Manchester University are when they dancing to the tune of YMCA ! That’s what I really like about western culture. Lively, funky, cool and funny Party!

Hopefully, I get to visit the university during graduation Banana.


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image If there is one thing that is going to frustrate user that migrate from Windows XP to Windows Vista is the important feature that is either playing hard to get or just couldn’t get.  I quite sure there is more but I have chosen the two major features which are likely to frustrate users at some point during their Vista experience.


1. Hiberate that play hard to get

(And I thought hard to get only applies to gorgeous gal image ! Couldn’t blame Vista image as it look much prettier than Windows XP image though it has inherited some nasty personalities too eg UAC (UnAcceptable Choice if you think about it compare to User Access Control )


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Understanding Virtual World

image Is virtual world a hype or is it the future of the web ? No one knows the definite answer. Every feasible technology has to undergo the test of time, and the fact that virtual world has been around since the beginning of computer age show that it is more than a hype.

In earlier day, virtual world exist as form of text-mode communication where user could only fantasize the imaginary world through series of description. Due to marvelous technical innovation and game development, the virtual world now associated with top-notched 3d graphics and immersive environment where anything goes.


image To really understand how far virtual world will evolve, it is important to understand the impact and issue that the virtual world bring to social, economical and technological environment.

However, to obtain these understanding is not easy as reader have to crawl through countless blogs and articles to extract those information. Not anymore, BusinessWeek in April07 has compiled a list of useful online articles that related to the business and issues of Virtual world including marketing, digital currency, avatars, innovation, copyright, legal, applications among the thing discuss.

To access this link, click on the picture above.

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Geezer: Babe (LB) | Desert Moon (LB2) | The Best of Times (LB) | Love At First Sight (LB) 


image Styx is one of the earlier contemporary rock band aose from 1970s that produce many beautiful love songs that still popular in radio airplay. What differentiate the group is the frontman, Dennis Deyoung, whose voice inject a unique personality over the song they produce.



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On July this year, Businessweek publish a interesting article, Birthplaces of Technology that reveals the famous place where technological innovation that we now take for granted happens. Innovation start from collective groups of dedicated and motivated individuals that met together to brainstorm and refine their innovative systems. The article highlight the major original places of innovation where innovators get started with their invention that change the world.

Can you identify the following places ? The article will tell you the location of those place and where you can find these historical site should you ever want to visit them.

Where GUI and photocopier machine is first invented.

Where the first mainstream PC is first researched and conceived.

Give rise to a corporation where even the almighty Microsoft once fear

Place where the greatest search engine is started

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