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Your site need to be WOW to keep these people busy and happy !

Have you make your site so visually appealing but yet somehow still feel it lacks a WOW factor ? Perhaps what you need is some background music to jazz up the site for a lively user experience. But then how do you get started ?

Webware has the answer for you by recommending a few promising web music players with playlist capability that can be embedded into a web or blog site. The August article, Eight (and a half) free Web music players, briefly cover the offering from Imeem, SeeqPod, FineTune, Last.fm etc.

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However, some of the web music player reviewed by Webware actually search through audio sites and play the music straight from external audio server. This means that streaming audio playback is inconsistent and quality of service maybe compromised. The audio file may come and go. Still, it is worth trying this out as every service is unique.

Still, those are not the only game in town. Deezer (Review) and Songza (Review. Though yet to have embeddeable playlist) have recently joined the fray of legal music service and make for an impressive showdown. The advantages of such service is that it leverage on more reliable or own dedicated system to serve the audio, and hence, more consistent in playback with better quality and service. Moreover, the audio doesn’t suffer from hit and run symptom !

To see how Deezer, Imeem, Songza are been used, why not take a look at Geezer and Geezer_songza.


In the future, look for many more players like MediaMaster coming out in these crowded market. Indeed, choice has never been so good.


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