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Geezer: One In A Million You (S2)


imageLarry Graham,Larry Graham, Jr. (born August 14, 1946 in Beaumont, Texas) is an American baritone singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known as both the bass player in the popular and influential psychedelic soul/funk band Sly & the Family Stone, and as the founder and frontman of Graham Central Station (From Wiki) image



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Geezer: Hold Me Now (LB2)

imageimage  image

Johnny Logan definitely was one great talent who had composed 2 outstanding songs that won Eurovision Song Contest in 1980s when he personally sang them in the competition. Hold Me Now was among the spectacular songs that won the contest and still the signature song that Johnny Logan is well-known for. This love ballade has a dramatic tempo that begin slowly then to fast and furious chorus.


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IMPORTANT: After 3 days of ‘ordeal’, the problem is finally fixed as of today (18Dec07, 12pm, Singapore time). Thank to WordPress support staffs for quickly fixing the problems. (Note that ScribeFire’s problem still persist, Is there a problematic update with WordPress.com ?)

From WordPress support staff,

josephscott Key Master December 18th, 2007 at 2:55 am

We’ve deployed a fix that re-instates the unique file name feature. All uploaded files will get unique file names again.

Though I yet to figure out why should they need to disable the uniqueness of filename I dont know in first place.


imageLook like Miss Piggy has received only a 3 days of focus attention only, haha. But that should be enough for her. Too much attention might made her very proud.


The following is the original content for the this post, and kept for archive purposes only.

Somehow the changes WordPress.com made over the last weekend might have unfortunately caused some problems with popular blogging tools such Windows Live Writer, ScribeFire, Blogjet etc. Some users suddenly have experienced posting that shows the incorrect image or posting that might not show correctly in some tools.

So if you have experienced any problem recently with WordPress.com hosted site, do help by participating in the active investigation and discussion in


I have also created the post that highlights the problems with the blogging tools in Is there a problematic update with WordPress.com ?

Your help is much appreciated to help the WordPress staff with the investigation because one never knows that those unpleasant changes might be ultimately promulgated into the open-source version of WordPress software.

(Somehow my site just shows up Miss Piggy more than I expected due to the glitches, not that Miss Piggy is flirty and desperate, haha)

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