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I have been a avid reader of image for over 2 decades ever since its printed publication was available in old Singapore National Library. I remembered sitting for hours in the air-con reference room every end of the month voraciously browsing and reading through stack of InfoWorld publication. During that time, it was the premier source of information on Information Technology, covering many interesting things like upcoming technologies, information management, software tools and reviews. It is gratifying to find how IT can be made so fascinating and interesting just by the skilful words of InfoWorld editors. I’m glad that to this day that InfoWorld successfully capitalizes on the Internet and continues its tradition of delivering high quality of IT news and reporting to even more readers.

Old Singapore National Library
InfoWorld Printed Publication
The New Singapore National Library 
The new National library is now a modernised multi-storey building. Nostalgically miss many of ‘old’ cultural buildings that give a sense of identity.

Therefore, it is my honour and gratitude to be asked and  quoted on the subject on image by Paul Krill image , a InfoWorld editor. Like many Java developers, I am currently learning JavaFX and exploring its capabilities. JavaFX, although still yet to be officially released, has captured the interest of many faithful Java developers who like to leverage on existing Java infrastructure and ecosystem to easily create cool and interactive RIA applications that run not only on the desktop and web browser but also on JavaFX-based mobile phone.

You can find the blog of other outstanding developers who are quoted in the article as well.

  • Andres Almiray image , a experienced Java developer who involves in open source projects.
  • James Weaver image , author of book image , the only JavaFX Script book currently on the market.

To read on the two-page article, click on the following link/image to read the article.

Can JavaFX make a play for rich Internet apps?


Quoted as

An anonymous blogger identified only as “geekycoder” lauded the technology: “Technically, JavaFX enables me to leverage [the] Java skill set and Java technology that I am more comfortable with to deliver a compelling RIA solution. Because synergy between JavaFX and Java is excellent and the fact that JavaFX is built on the Java platform means that I can ensure that I have one of the best and supportive platforms to work in. In addition, JavaFX will enable me to be more productive in making it easier and quicker to create RIA solutions,” for Web 2.0.

“JavaFX Script, the language of JavaFX, doesn’t replace Swing, the core Java GUI toolkit, but provides an alternative way of programming that hopefully will bring Java technology to the masses,” according to geekycoder.


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Geezer: My Immortal & Acoustic version (S2)

imageimage image

imageMy Immortal is a haunting dark song sang by a haunting voice of Amy Lee (with haunting look as well Surprised), the vocalist behind this smashing hit of Evanescence.






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Since Java 1.1, the recommended and standard way of event handling in a GUI component is through registering event listener. There are two types of event listener. One is the standard listener that are inherited in all component due to inheritance and the another is those specific to the UI type (eg Windows)

For example, the common types of event listener prevalent in all subclass of component include

  • ComponentListener
  • FocusListener
  • MouseListener

For those who want to understand more about event model of Java, do read http://mindprod.com/jgloss/event11.html

The use of event listener together with anonymous inner class greatly simplify event handling because registering of event listeners is just as easy as removing them through a series of add/remove event listener method defined in the component.

JFrame _fra = new JFrame(“Testing”);

_fra.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter()



On the other hand,  as much as it make it easy to handle event, it make it troublesome to disable them especially event listener is registered throughout the component in various class. Each class may need to add method to enable/disable the event listener. There are likely multiple classes registering the same event in a component and all of sudden enable and disable them become involving and time-consuming. So what is the feasible solution to this situation ? The answer is to control and to use the centralized base class event methods that fire the specific event. By controlling these methods, it will be easy to enable/disable event firing even though the component might be registered with a specific event all over the classes.


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Where Entering Really Pissoff Hitler !

The following is meant for motorist image  and those having a sense of humour image . Even if you’re are not, you can still make my day. I don’t own a car but my other family members do.

Not all dictators are built the same. Some dictators image are built for war, some dictators are built to piss the people off.  When dictators cross each other, one is bound to give in. It doesn’t take great fire power and military might to defeat a great dictator, all one need to do is to find his greatest and insurmountable nightmare image that turns him from a egomaniac image  into a humble mice image .

For the first time, the secret file of Hitler is unveiled to the public when a ex-secret agent image  post the lost video of Hitler in YouTube that shows the desperation and helplessness of Hitler when he meets his worst nightmare. Never before this is mentioned in history book that talk about this embarrassment least to denigrate his historical achievement and glory image .


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As the title has partly hinted, those objectives of the post are to touch on issues and solutions that make JavaFX Script a better scripting language by promoting good practices learnt from mature language, or to be more specific, its parent language, Java. The fact that JavaFX Script derives its name partly from the Java moniker means that it certainly deserves high expectation that worthy of its heritage. JavaFX Script might be new to the game but it has the advantages of getting its foundation right by learning from its predecessors eg ActionScript, Groovy.

The reasons why all these 3 areas are discussed together rather than as separate posts are  because they are closely related, and one can’t have it working correctly without effectively addressing the other. These suggestions and questions are materialized after spending some time exploring on the ‘intricacies’ of JavaFX Script and pondering on those issues that developer will encounter using JavaFX Script.

We might think that JavaFX Script might be the ideal language because it combines the the best of both worlds, that is the flexibility and ease of scripting language and robustness and predictability of a compiled language. As we should see later that it often not the case, there exists a impedance mismatch between two programming language type that if not resolved will create a language of confusion instead (Though this is nothing new to JavaFX Script as it is quite prevalent in scripting languages that provides OOP capability)


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Ever wonder why Bill Gates image is so determined to establish Windows image as choice of platform for development ? So what is it that Palm image and FaceBook image  insist on building strategy around development platform ? Software platform is like a brand that takes time to nurture and to establish but once it reaches critical mass acceptance, it provides a strong barrier of entry to competitors. No matter how innovative a competitor, many will think twice of committing resources developing solution using a less-popular platform due to uncertainty and lack of market initially. It is always a chick and egg problem. Developers will reluctant to develop application for a software platform unless there is already a high-growth market in it.

On the other hand, software platform vendors will find it hard to sustain the investment and commitment until there are sufficient developers and investors who are willing to hedge on them. Yet, things are not at all gloomy for those mavericks who want to build software platform to ensure sustainability and eventually profitability because a strong brand will attract more capital and talented developers who in turn create a network effect. The onus is on the software platform vendors to deliver the X-Factors that make their software platform conducive enough to attract attention of investors and software developers. Ultimately, the survivability of a software platform is ensured by creating a profitable and potential market for both investors and application developers.

So how does one build a software platform and drive a business strategy around it ?  Many can just start building software platform and keep their fingers crossed, and overcome whatever come their way or one can be more prudent by learning from the experience and knowledge of others who have been there before.

So for those who want to understand and aspire to build a effective software platform, there is free 408 pages pdf ebook by the courtesy of Creative Common License, which also comes in printed book format, that meticulously researched various successful software platforms like Palm, Windows, Linux, Apple, and generalized those findings into valuable recommendations and insights.

image The book Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries

have all information one need to understand and build enduring software platform.  Start reading it and find out what it takes to compete in the competitive landscape.

More information from Amazon , Its original website From MIT Press


File: InvisibleEngines.pdf (4mb).

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imageToo many wrong solutions are implemented because people imagine what the problem is, instead of being out there to personally experience and learn what the real problem is. What we need to exhort more is for people to get out to the real world to learn first-hand — the creative thinking can come later, after you have a better grasp of what the real problem is.
Professor Poh Kam Wong

If you need some mojo to create practical and truly innovative solution then do yourself a great flavour first by reading the post

don’t think out of the box… get out of the box!

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