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As the title has partly hinted, those objectives of the post are to touch on issues and solutions that make JavaFX Script a better scripting language by promoting good practices learnt from mature language, or to be more specific, its parent language, Java. The fact that JavaFX Script derives its name partly from the Java moniker means that it certainly deserves high expectation that worthy of its heritage. JavaFX Script might be new to the game but it has the advantages of getting its foundation right by learning from its predecessors eg ActionScript, Groovy.

The reasons why all these 3 areas are discussed together rather than as separate posts are  because they are closely related, and one can’t have it working correctly without effectively addressing the other. These suggestions and questions are materialized after spending some time exploring on the ‘intricacies’ of JavaFX Script and pondering on those issues that developer will encounter using JavaFX Script.

We might think that JavaFX Script might be the ideal language because it combines the the best of both worlds, that is the flexibility and ease of scripting language and robustness and predictability of a compiled language. As we should see later that it often not the case, there exists a impedance mismatch between two programming language type that if not resolved will create a language of confusion instead (Though this is nothing new to JavaFX Script as it is quite prevalent in scripting languages that provides OOP capability)



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