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Where Entering Really Pissoff Hitler !

The following is meant for motorist image  and those having a sense of humour image . Even if you’re are not, you can still make my day. I don’t own a car but my other family members do.

Not all dictators are built the same. Some dictators image are built for war, some dictators are built to piss the people off.  When dictators cross each other, one is bound to give in. It doesn’t take great fire power and military might to defeat a great dictator, all one need to do is to find his greatest and insurmountable nightmare image that turns him from a egomaniac image  into a humble mice image .

For the first time, the secret file of Hitler is unveiled to the public when a ex-secret agent image  post the lost video of Hitler in YouTube that shows the desperation and helplessness of Hitler when he meets his worst nightmare. Never before this is mentioned in history book that talk about this embarrassment least to denigrate his historical achievement and glory image .



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