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Welcome to 2009…

Within the next few hours, 2008 will be coming to the end and 2009 will herald another challenging tough year for the majority. Reflecting on 2008, I have to admit that it is not exactly a very good year. Although the symbol 8 is auspicious sign for Chinese, it seems that one major events happen after another in just one short year which create shock to many locals here. In fact, it is the year, the political leadership is been tested, and sad to say, it leaves a lot to be desired.  Image can only do so much, at the end, it is still the substance that prevails during the tough time. Nonetheless, I wish that 2009 will still be a  wonderful year and that the locals will brace themselves for the challenge ahead.

Just wish for MORE GOOD YEARS AHEAD … and hopefully GOLDEN PERIODS as well.


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After two months of absence, I’m back with new posting. What better way to resume blogging then to start reviewing about the book I read this month. All the following books are borrowed from Singapore National Library.

The Last Lecture

imageSo what is this thing called “The Last Lecture” ?  Traditionally,  some universities has this practice of asking professors to deliver their last lecture over the the question of “What wisdom would we impart to the world if we knew it was our last chance ? If we had to vanish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy.”

imageRandy Pausch, a professor in Carnegie Mellon University, has his chance to deliver his last lecture in the midst of a critical cancer which render him 3-6 months to live, and in the course of doing so, live behind a legacy that will be remembered for generation to come. Randy unfortunately passed away in July08 but not before meticulously chronicles his life, childhood dream, family, the important events and reflection and even his secrets in his book and video in the hope that his three kids, will grow up to understand and remember him and learn from his wisdom and experience of life.

For those who aspire to find the true meaning of life, perhaps they could find their answer in Randy’s book.


Source: http://www.amazon.com/Last-Lecture-Randy-Pausch/dp/1401323251/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230273914&sr=8-1

If you dislike reading book, at least watch the video Open-mouthed. Randy’s energetic style and enthusiasm will surely inspire you too.

Hour-long Lecture

Lecture condensed in 10 mins


Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0

image This book documents the rise of the Web 2.0 of some of the most popular sites and personality that define and shape the web we know today.

A lot is covered on particular companies and founders. These include FaceBook, Digg, Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Andreessen etc.
What distinguish this book is that it goes into hard detail of the founder’s life, and how their life and personality actually shape the company they found.

Another interesting read is that using real deal of rising star company, it debunks the myths of millions dollars company sellout and remind one that if a business deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Apparently, it is just too easy to be tempted and hyped by the figures of sellout, but on closer inspection of the deal, these impressive figures may hardly represent feasible deal. That to say that it is hard to evaluate a financial value of sites that is popular and generate traffic but without sustainable and concrete revenue, and that business has to considered the risk of such investment.

Sarah’s experience as a journalist show in her excellent and simplistic writing style that easily captivate the reader. This book is addictive to read and I do find it hard to put down the book.

This is a must read book for those who want to know the in and out of the Web 2.0 movement and what it means to do a startup.

image Sarah Lacy maintains her site at http://www.sarahlacy.com/



Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era

image Is Microsoft still relevant today as yesterday in the Web era ? What will happen to Microsoft when Bill Gates’ era is over ? What strategies, products , technology and visions underpin Microsoft to compete against the nimble and innovative incumbents that leverage on the open-source and Web 2.0 movement ? How do Microsoft transform itself and its business revenue model to adapt and embrace the Web without threatening its Windows and Office cash cows ?
In this book, Mary Jo Foley, a popular long-time Windows Veteran, tries to find the answer from her meticulous research using Microsoft “secret” insiders, public information and analytical insight. Mary augments her thought and insight by referencing public quotes (with URL) from Microsoft officials and management. By doing so, she hope to find ways and evidences that Microsoft has what it takes to compete in the intensified business environment.

image Mary-Jo Foley blogs at http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/

Another interesting Microsoft Watch site

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