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imageIMPORTANT: Vodpod’s Post Video window has been integrated into the new Share Video window . But the mentioned steps still applicable. Just treat the Post Video as Share Video Window.


imageis one of most popular image sites which add the capability to embed slideshow into a site. However, the steps to embedding the slideShow may not be apparent to most people. Beside, Flickr currently does not explicitly support image  in SlideShow widget embedding, and therefore image is needed to provide the desired embedding capability. However, majority Confusedstill may not know how to do it in Vodpod, hence a step-by-step video goes a long way in mitigating those perception of “complication”, and also show how simple the whole process actually is. So please read on… Open-mouthed



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Just today, a reader name Nela Lazarevic post a comment saying she has a problem capturing and posting certain widgets into WordPress.com. The widgets are from image , image and image . She created a post http://nelalazarevic.wordpress.com/2009/02/04/let-s-see-if-this-works/ to highlight the problem.

She tried in vain to capture widget from image ,a site that allows embedding of flickr slideshow widget, using image. However, I experience the same problem with this site with VodPod’s tool.  Basically what happen is that after the site display flash widget (ImgA), the VodPod’s tool should be able to capture the video and show it out in its screen  Unfortunately it didn’t in this case as nothing is shown in the VideoPreview (ImgB).. So I try to unravel the circumstances that lead to VodPod’s failure to capture the widget and try to offer some explanations.


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imageThis is not old news actually,  at least from Internet point of view. In fact this news was announced back in November 2008. Starting from February 2009, PC Magazine will no longer be available in printed edition (I presume that Singapore edition of PC Magazine will be ceased too).

The reasons for the discontinuation for printed edition for PC Magazine can be found in


And more information can be found in website



Yes, it is a very shocking news to me because PC Magazine is one of early pioneer of computer magazines (among PCWorldimage , PC Computing (defunct)image , Bytes (defunct) image  ) that able to survive lasts more than 2 decades and still growing strong. The magazine becomes a brand itself and becomes available widely in print publication.

image  I still recall those time when I used to frequent bookstore, particularly the defunct MPH located in Stamford Road, to read the magazine (much to the unhappiness of the staff though Wink). You can read more about MPH in Memories of the MPH Building (Pic taken from that site)

However when Internet enters the scene and becomes a disruptive technology, it changes the business game and consumer behaviour forever. As a ubiquitous and low-cost distributive platform, Internet greatly reduces the barrier to entry and allows more low-cost competitions. Publishing timely and interesting contents no longer requires professional and expert, but anyone who is passionate can just setup a website or blog to provide new interesting information about product ahead of any printed media, and in the course of doing so, establish their own brand that sufficient to generate traffic for profitable advertisement. There is no longer any latency and cost in providing news and reviews in Internet unlike printed publication.

Moreover, as storage device image become affordable and magazine becomes available in ebook format (eg image ), and LCD TV image and Media computer image becomes household items to view online resources at will and quickly, reader no longer find it rational to purchase and keep stack of past printed edition to occupy precious space.

As a result, the cost of printed edition of PC Magazine becomes unjustifiable to those who accustom to getting similar and free quality news and reviews from Internet, particularly from those sites that specialises in Computer news (eg http://www.theregister.co.uk/) , reviews (http://www.anandtech.com/, http://www.tomshardware.com/). Technological change also drives the social change in consumer behaviour. The successful NetBook image and  compact but yet powerful mobile devices image , together with promising WiMAX image  mean that it will further exuberate the online business and culture. Hence, it is just a matter of time that printed media face obsoletion especially those that publish timely information and high-quality review as business. Unfortunately, this applies to PC Magazine. The cost of publishing PC Magazine no longer is profitable enough to warrant its print edition, and its publishing company has little choice but discontinue its printed edition.

This is indeed a sad moment for the Computer Magazine Publication industry. Long live PC Magazine image

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