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I’m not affiliated with the product but some products are just too great that it is a disservice not to review it.

imageimage is the reputable producer of wide range of dental products for both consumers and practitioners. Just for toothbrush alone, it produces myriad of innovative toothbrushes that make purchasing one a very difficult choice as majority of them have such a great “marketing” feature that sound technologically superior (eg Dual Clean, Precision Clean) and you wonder if you left out something if you purchase one over another.

Luckily the choice selection to purchase a electric toothbrush is less involving for me since the NTUC store only carries 3 types of electric toothbrush from Oral-B. Among the attractive offerings, I purchased the beautifully named battery-operated toothbrush, Oral-B CrossAction Power Whitening Battery Toothbrush because it is the cheapest but yet provides the most value for money due to its 2 brushes.

For a list of power toothbrush, take a look at

http://dentalcare.com/soap/whatsnew/index.htm or



Manual or Electric toothbrush ?

Even in this age of electric product, it is surprising many still shun electric toothbrush thinking that it is just gimmick amidst of proven scientific research of its effectiveness. Many still prefer to use manual toothbrush thinking that it is lot safer and simpler to use and control. A major disadvantage of manual toothbrush is that it is less effective in cleansing the teeth due to constraint movement of the brush in the mouth and tiresome straining of hand that result in inconsistent effort. No matter how innovative the manual toothbrush is, it is still dependent on the effort of the hand which can tire easily. Not so for the electric toothbrush as it make cleansing look effortless. Because the brush is control electrically rather than by hand movement, the brush cleanses consistently in any reachable part of teeth. In fact the high speed movement of the brush whether running in circular or vertically motion is more effective in clearing debris from the teeth than manual movement since the teeth is clean multiple times by the rotating brush.

My own experience of using electric toothbrush is that the first time I use it, I wonder why I never try it earlier. Since then, it has become indispensable part of my life. Initially it can be painful experience as the hard brush injure the gum causing it to bleed. However after few days, the brush will soften and brushing become second nature.

The major advantage of manual toothbrush is its cheap cost. One can get it very cheaply as he want it to be by foregoing effectiveness and brand. Even the cheapest battery-powered toothbrush easily cost more than $10 and the brush replacement is even more costly. Moreover the loud electric sound generated by rotating motor sound may even be irritated enough to drive off potential users.

Nonetheless, the advantages of electric toothbrush certainly outweigh its disadvantages, and for those who yet to try it should at least try it. Using it might just be life-changing for you (just like wearing contact len versus eye-glasses).

Tips in using electric toothbrush

  • imageInvest in rechargeable battery because battery consumption is quite high as battery need to change every month from my experience (depend on individual’s brushing pattern)
  • imageWhen not in used, always place the toothbrush with the brush facing downward to prevent water from slipping into the motor mechanism. Commonsense prevails that the toothbrush should have been water-tight since all toothbrush always been show with brush facing up with even toothbrush holder designed for such position. However in reality, water from the brush does enter gradually into the motor compartment due to gravity which will shorten the toothbrush’s lifespan. I should known since I have been placing toothbrush in different position. With the brush on top, the electric toothbrush last around a year and when face downward, it lasts three years.



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image Are you growing fed-up and impatient when downloading a file that takes such a long time using broadband ? It make you wonder why isn’t the high-speed broadband making downloading any faster . Well, it turns out that it is none of the fault of the broadband and “partly” a fault of surfer for not using a special software called Download Accelerator. One might think it is a marketing ploy to say that Download Accelerator improves download speed a magnitude of times as it sounds too good to be true, even more with no cost at all. Magical as it sounds, Download Accelerator is no gimmick and illusion and in fact it works out of the box, and it should be used if you want to squeeze the last juice out of your broadband monthly bill.


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