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imageimage Back then in 2003, Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC notebook reigns as one of  the most innovative and beautifully designed Tablet PC (TPC)  notebooks. With black-coated magnesium chassis and the highest screen resolution (1400×1050) display housing the state of art components, the attractive-looking Portege M200 is undoubtedly a work of timeless beauty and engineering, which even today continue to attract buyers who want to own a piece of this classic.

However, like any computers, the technological marvel of today will be obsolete tomorrow. Traditionally, the notebook vendors support a computer notebook for 5 years for driver update and repair. Hence, M200 has enjoyed its heyday running Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, with Windows 7 image , Toshiba no longer support M200 in term of updating compatible system software and optimized driver. With no official support, Windows 7 no longer can take full advantage of the hardware capability for performance and functionality.



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