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Tested on
– Windows Vista/7
– NetBeans 6.71 with JavaFX

If you need to customize the AutoIt script , you need to install the AutoIt v3 environment (http://www.autoitscript.com/)
Note that AutoIt ONLY works in Windows environment.


NetBeans is the official IDE for JavaFX development. However, the latest v6.71 (or beta 6.8) of NetBeans is unable to beautify JavaFX Script (JfxScript) code as the “Format” option is not working (It just do nothing.  See Bug acknowledgement).

The code beautifier is one of the most important tools for learning and using  JavaFX as most raw code copied from Internet/ebook tends to be unformatted, making it hard to read and use. Performing manual format is just too tedious. So until the next NetBeans’s release, users have to resort to using painstakingly manual code formatting .

Code beautifier turn this (The following JfxScript code is formatted in NetBeans ! Read on to see how it’s done.)


into this




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