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Time really flies fast. The end of 2009 is coming soon and soon we have a new year ahead. And with this, I like to end the year with this last post for the year about the books I read from October till December. Sound pretty lame and dry post to end the year though.

image This book chronicles the history of software programming languages (eg C++, Basic, Java) which contribute to innovation and advancement of software and internet industry. By studying the history of programming language, one can come to appreciate the amount of thinking and work involve in developing a programming language.
image This is a excellent book on business case study of various technological companies competing in the volatile, unpredictable and fast-growing internet-based Information Technology industry. Many disruptive companies like Netscape and AOL are profiled and critically analyzed for their strategies and business models.
Available in National Library
imageFor those who strive to be better passionate programmer should read this book. The pragmatic and practical advises given by the author is shared by his own experience, which make this book a valuable companion throughout the course of programming career.
imageGoogle has to be the most popular technology company apart from Microsoft to garner the interest of book publishers. Almost every year, you bound to see a new book written on the company, its founders and business. Still, this book provides interesting read on Google and distinguish itself by placing more focus on the founders themselves. For those who are fascinate with Google and its rise to power, this book will not disappoint.
Available in National Library
image JavaFX is still relatively a new RIA technology which differentiates itself by using a unique and easy-to-learn scripting language, and by leveraging on the  Java platform. However, the technology and language are still evolving. A book by Manning, a book publisher with reputation for delivering high-quality technology book, therefore comes at the right time. Simon’s concise and cohesive style of writing does make JavaFX learning a very positive experience. This is a must-have book for those who want to learn the in-and-out of this promising technology.

Last but not least,

Goodbye 2009. Welcome to 2010


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