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The following Software and settings are tested on Windows 7. It will also work on Windows XP, Vista.


Okay, I understand your frustration of having to read those CHM Help (** CHM refers to format whereas CHM HELP refers to the standalone Help Viewer) that doesn’t offer control over the text sizeimage. It can be torturous and straining to read ant-like text in high resolution screen. There is really a ton of CHM Help out in wilderness that doesn’t have a Font option to control the text size. I baffled me what is in the mind of those CHM producers who couldn’t add the Font option image  to enhance readability as the CHM is supposed to be ubiquitous distributed format that as common as PDF and to be readable over many types of screen, big and small alike.

Despite the PDF been the de facto standard for document distribution, CHM is still a widely popular format due to its simplicity, size, performance and speedy search capability. Unfortunately there is no way to add a Font options in existing CHM Help unless you want to decompile the CHM and regenerate the CHM, which by no mean a trivial effort.



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