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Experimenting with “Office 2007” Zoom interface


I have to admit that I like the Default FullZoom Level extension which significantly improve on the FireFox’s rudimentary Zoom feature.



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imageI am always fascinated by Japan’s history and culture. Not only is the country beautiful, but its historical culture is full of vibrancy and elegance. The author image of this blog (wonder if she is a Japanese) talks everything about Japan, visits the heritage site and narrates the history of events, all accompany by abundance of well-captured photos. Better still, you don’t need to learn Japanese because the blog is written in English. So for those who is interested to find out more about Japan yet without burning your pocket, this site is must-visited site.

Pictureimage, Food image  , building image   , relics  , history image, scenery image . This site has it all (http://mananya.jugem.jp/).

Japan is really a fairy tale to me. Look like I need to start saving up to visit this mystical land one day.

imageTaken from http://1.bp.blogspot.com

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