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Software Requirements:
– Windows OS => WinXP, WinVista, Win7
– Eclipse v3.5
– JProfiler v5
– YourKit v8


A profiler is a very powerful tool to help pinpoint performance and memory issues. It offers a variety of ways to which a developer can help track down classes that lead to dismal performance, inefficiency and memory leak issues. This includes taking and comparing snapshot at certain point in time, watching how CPU time and memory is consumed in realtime in a visual chart and marking interested classes for analysis.
There are many profilers in the markets , both open-source (eg VisualVM that bundled with Java SDK) and commerical offerings. However, this document will show the steps to configure two of the best commerical Java profilers in the market, YourKit and JProfiler, to profile GWT client application in Eclipse in the Windows environment.
Even though both profilers are just as effective and powerful, both use different approach to profile the application.

Still, the following steps will work with any IDE (eg Intellij ) since it is just a matter of adding adding additional profiler’s agent as argument to the JVM. All IDEs allow argument to be passed to the JVM that run the project application.

Yourkit and JProfiler offer a 15 and 10 days evaluation trial respectively.



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