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Creativity is all around us. The moment we open our eyes, we can see works of creativity everywhere. Look at the objects around you, and you see chair, book, packaging, logo with appealing and colourful design that you just have to take a glance and imagine how much work is needed to design such a creative product.

So it happened that while as usual browsing for new books in my favourite bookstore, I saw a book that caught my eyes. However this time, it was not so much of intriguing book design but the title that amused me. The book entitled “Cimple” is about learning C, a programming language, the simple way as taught by the author. To anyone unfamiliar with C, C is a low level computer language that very popular during early 1990s where it was the primary programming language to be taught in education institutions to learn about computer programming. C, despite been efficient, is notorious for being hard to learn and to program. Still C and its successor, C++, remain the language of choice for many hardcore programming and niche systems like embedded system and devices.

Hence when a book says that “C is simple”, I do find it ironic (No doubt as for anything, practice makes perfect. The more you practice and using it, the easier it becomes.). Most likely the title is trying to convey that “C is simple” if taught in the correct way, or to specific, the author’s way.

imageBut what I found intriguing about this book is actually the creative use of the words. So what do you get when you combine C with simplicity, C + Simple ? You get Cimple. The title is meaningless by itself but the pronunciation of the title comprising of the language name with its desired characteristics makes it sound like “Simple”. Such creative use resonates with those who fascinate by such playful combination, after all, creativity is all about connection. I could not find this book in Amazon. Maybe I can trying searching in Cazon instead Open-mouthed.


Lesson: Blend object name with its adjective (full or partial) to create a interesting word.


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