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image This is way just too much Angry. A terrorist, Mas Selamatimage, 47, (Oh my goodness, there’s even a wiki dedicated for this ‘VIP’) limping his way out of the impeccable great fortress of Singapore guarded by venerable Gurkhas image. It is still not clear how Selamat can limp his way out of Whitley Detention Centre, a heavily-guarded building where ISD’s (Internal Security Department: A dreadful name that sends shiver down everyone’s spine) ‘dangerous’ detainees are kept indefinitely. Surprisingly, this time the blame is on something ‘controllable’ which is security lapse (Still I wonder why no human is mentioned, maybe the nameless ants are doing guard-duty that day Big Grin). It might have sound more convincing if they just simply blame Selamat for escaping Party.



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