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We know that Singapore is famous for its food imageand cleanliness image. Cleanliness in the sense that there is little litter to be found on the street. But there is another ‘cleanlinessimagethat Singapore (or any other country) has no control, and helpless against it. Indeed, generally those evidence of ‘un-cleanliness’ could only be captured on camera and not seen/identified through naked eyes.

India Rojak is one tasteful dish foreigner should experience.
Mee Siam Mai Hum (Mee Siam without Cockleimage), a famous Malay noodle, ‘allegedly’ made famous by
PM Lee image

Apparently, a surveillance camera imageinstalled in a lift had managed to capture the most amazing and bizarre footage of ghostly apparition that I ever see in Singapore (if it is genuine). The clear and close-up footage were unlikely the work of sophisticated software like Photoshop imageas it was extremely tedious and difficult if not impossible to manipulate the effect. Judging from the footage, the exposure, brightness and contrast were just too perfect to be concocted and there are cases around the world where victim could not distinguish a entity between a real human and ghost because the it appear too real and solidify to be a ghost.

Still, until those ‘victims’ involved in the shot verify the encounter, it still remains to many that it is anything but real. Logical reason pervades that it is a fake footage as no management will ever allow such footage to be released and disseminated without denting its reputation (if it is real, it is a matter of time someone verified the location).

Still, it is hard to believe that anyone will be sane enough to play such trick (Footage taken in late Feb 2008, almost close to Seventh month) consider that the seventh month is imminent, even though now is a April Fool’s month. Why ? Because the forthcoming period of seventh month imagein Chinese tradition is where ghosts and spiritsimageare free to roamed the earth annually. A ghostly vacation and holiday for the netherworld, in other word.

Although the authenticity of the footage could not be identified, it is hard to be convinced that it is concocted after looking at the shot.image image

image It is even more appalling that the footage is purported to be captured from one of the buildings in Raffles Place (top & left photo), Singapore’s busiest and famous business district. Yes, this will be the very same place where the long-awaited F1 Formula will take place (But worry not because the apparition will unable to join the human crowd as their holiday is over by then Open-mouthed. Oppsss, better slap myself to even make such a joke.image ) This should not deter anyone from visiting Raffles Place though because apparition do manifest around us all the time, all the place. It depends whether they have sufficient energy to manifest themselves (Really, why should they do that ? Aren’t they afraid of GhostBuster ? Western:image Eastern: image Party).

The camera simply magnify the energy strong enough to be captured on firm. Hence don’t ever try taking photo during the night time with night-vision on, not on the seventh month unless one want to experience the thrill of lifetime and get some life-changing experience image.



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Anyone ever want to see how a ghost look like but just can’t spot it Rolling Eyes ? Wanna visit famous alleged haunted places and building like Red House, Fort Canning Hill, Punggol House in Singapore but don’t dare to Nailbiting?

You don’t need to have third eye or visit those place anymore. You can even watch it at the comfort of your screen.

AbductBoy has taken the trouble to capture many photos of haunted premise and strange spirit around Singapore and bring this collection into his ghostly album image .

Be warned Bring it on. If you don’t believe in Ghost, you will after browsing through the collection of the unseen world.

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image How does it feel to stay for a night in a 33 rooms haunted house that certainly guarantee to scare the wit out of you ? How about holding your wedding there with blessing of the family ghosts ?

Casper ghost they are not, but it close enough.

If you want to know about the ghost who know how to do business, you come to the right place. For the house is known for its family of ghosts that when alive, once hold the empire of the beer business. And even their life has ended, they continue to lurk in the house to attract visitors who pay a premium price just to be up close and personal with them.


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Ghost caught in carpark !

Obviously this ghost has hit the news headline. It seems like a female with long hair lurking around scaring the wits out of everybody.

This ghost appear to glide across the back of a car in closed-space carpark.

I always wonder why there are altars place in strategic location of carpark. The carpark is known to be a good haunting place for ghost as it is usually quiet, isolated and spacious. Some of the carparks in Singapore are just as eerie especially those underground carpark and I always saw altars placed at entrance or in the middle of the carpark.

Perhaps these altars serve as a reminder to us that we are not alone.

So next time, install a video camera on your car and turn it on for the night, you might just discover something ‘cool’. Someone has done that and upload the footage to youtube.

Please view it with your seatbelt and light on Nailbiting

Fortunately this happen in Japan not in Singapore.

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