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After a year of beta, the highly anticipated desktop blogging tool from Microsoft is finally released. The insidious bugs that corrupt the blog draft that prevent submission, and the image processing that crashed the application seem to be resolved.

WYSIWYG editing
Powerful table function



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I’m bet that not many users who migrate from Windows XP to Vista know this hidden gem.

In the past XP users might have lamented why Microsoft did not include a screen capture tool. XP User have to either content with using the pathetic all-Or-nothing printScreen key or install a third-party capture tools.

With the popularities of the blog that include many screen image,  it will be a obvious deficiency if a popular OS with myriad multimedia features overlook this important tool.

Snipping Tool, the free Windows Vista screen capture tool


So for those using Vista, Microsoft finally have answer their prayer in the form of new capable screen capture tool called Snipping Tool. This tool can be accessed in the Start button or assigned to a shortcut key.

Using it is simple as it follow the Capture-Touchup-Save workflow.

Step 1: Capture 
Press the New Button to start capturing, or click on the dropDown button to select the mode of capture.
A marquee will if user choose Rectangular or Window Snip as the mode.


Step 2: TouchUp
Once capture, the image will be displayed in the content window wheere user can further touch the screen. User can draw using customizable pen, and highlighter. (Shown on screen below as Red, Blue and Yellow colour) . The colour of the pen can be changed as well.


Step 3: Save

After touchup, user can either save it under several popular graphic formats or just send the image to clipboard or email.





There are also several options to customize the tools. One useful feature is to set it in QuickLaunch toolbar so that it can be easily accessed on the screen.








The screen capture tool is certainly welcoming and it make screen capture convenient and easy. So why not start using this precious gem right now ?

Review: Snipping Tools
Type: Utility bundle with Windows Vista

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