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I have been a avid reader of image for over 2 decades ever since its printed publication was available in old Singapore National Library. I remembered sitting for hours in the air-con reference room every end of the month voraciously browsing and reading through stack of InfoWorld publication. During that time, it was the premier source of information on Information Technology, covering many interesting things like upcoming technologies, information management, software tools and reviews. It is gratifying to find how IT can be made so fascinating and interesting just by the skilful words of InfoWorld editors. I’m glad that to this day that InfoWorld successfully capitalizes on the Internet and continues its tradition of delivering high quality of IT news and reporting to even more readers.

Old Singapore National Library
InfoWorld Printed Publication
The New Singapore National Library 
The new National library is now a modernised multi-storey building. Nostalgically miss many of ‘old’ cultural buildings that give a sense of identity.

Therefore, it is my honour and gratitude to be asked and  quoted on the subject on image by Paul Krill image , a InfoWorld editor. Like many Java developers, I am currently learning JavaFX and exploring its capabilities. JavaFX, although still yet to be officially released, has captured the interest of many faithful Java developers who like to leverage on existing Java infrastructure and ecosystem to easily create cool and interactive RIA applications that run not only on the desktop and web browser but also on JavaFX-based mobile phone.

You can find the blog of other outstanding developers who are quoted in the article as well.

  • Andres Almiray image , a experienced Java developer who involves in open source projects.
  • James Weaver image , author of book image , the only JavaFX Script book currently on the market.

To read on the two-page article, click on the following link/image to read the article.

Can JavaFX make a play for rich Internet apps?


Quoted as

An anonymous blogger identified only as “geekycoder” lauded the technology: “Technically, JavaFX enables me to leverage [the] Java skill set and Java technology that I am more comfortable with to deliver a compelling RIA solution. Because synergy between JavaFX and Java is excellent and the fact that JavaFX is built on the Java platform means that I can ensure that I have one of the best and supportive platforms to work in. In addition, JavaFX will enable me to be more productive in making it easier and quicker to create RIA solutions,” for Web 2.0.

“JavaFX Script, the language of JavaFX, doesn’t replace Swing, the core Java GUI toolkit, but provides an alternative way of programming that hopefully will bring Java technology to the masses,” according to geekycoder.


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image So what has Apple Leopard going to do with image ? A lot. Infoworld has been recognized as a premier source of IT news and review, and its pedigrees spanning more than 2 decades exemplify the high quality and standard of its content. Hence, a review done by Infoworld will somehow influence the purchasing decision make by an individual or business alike. So given that Infoworld choose to review Apple Leopard means that Infoworld has already considered its review seriously.


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