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Firefox 3 unveiled !


At last ! The latest version of the highly-anticipated popular browser is officially launched on 17 July 2008. This also marks the day where Firefox try to break the world record as the most downloaded browser in a single day. It is a special day for image since the last major version 2.0 was released almost two years ago. Apparently nothing much is changed from the outlook, however under the hood, Firefox undergoes serious overhaul in its architecture which results in faster performance and lower memory consumption. It feels snappier and load fast. In fact, Firefox is so successful in retaining its original look that one might thought that there is nothing significant to awe about. But look is deceptive. The first noticeable enhancement is the instant URL search that now show bookmark entries as well.

However, there are few caveats. Users have to beware if they rely on extension. Certain Firefox extensions no longer works anymore and Firefox intelligently detect the incompatible extension and render them in-activatable.  Aside from these, I puzzle why Firefox still lack a slider zoom that will come in handy for viewing flash video and image. Third-party extensions might have provided such functionality but it doesn’t hurt to include this as a standard feature either.


image Firefox is definitely not a minor upgrade and users will fervently want to explore every features of this release. However the Firefox site only provide a brief overview of its new and improved features http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/features/. To supplement more information, SitePoint, a book publisher, has generously offered a free guide entitled Firefox 3 REVEALED downloadable from the site http://www.sitepoint.com/books/firefox3/. This 1.2mb pdf ebook contains 30 pages of information covering on the latest Firefox release. So why not start exploring Firefox with the help of companion guide now.


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